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Cuarteto de Cuerdas

String Quartet

This work was written in May 2012. It consists of three elements that are intertwined with the idea of a single theme: a tribute to life.


The String Quartet explores three distinct elements:

The first element resolves around the themes of struggle, tenacity and the quest for the meaning of life:

  "Time is one of the adversaries in this struggle; it behaves like a recurring motif through which life unfolds."


The second element provides a stark contrast to the first, evoking emotions of purity, traquility, and desperation:

  "I come to terms with my fate, yet there remains something unresolved..."


The third element delves into the dynamics of struggle, acceptance, and ultimately, peace:

  "Saying goodbye to loved ones must be a daunting task; the desire to keep living, to keep fighting, to be with them persists... but eventually, you must let go and come to terms with your destiny. The moment arrives, and you experience a sense of peace; you no longer resign yourself, but rather, you embrace it. And you become lost in the eternal silence"


Dedicated to my teacher, colleague and friend, Oleg Shkarpitniy.




Violin I, violin II, viola and violoncello



8:00 min.


Score & Parts

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