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El Espejo   |   The Mirror

para dos percusionistas
for two percussionists

Work was written for percussion duet in September 2011.



From the first notes, this energetic work tells of the ever present battle between the inner and outer self that is part of the human experience. All this to show us that we can perceive the history of a person, an atmosphere in constant conflict led by an ostinato. This person, when seen through a mirror, makes an introspection that constitutes the very essence of self. In doing this reflection, the person is forced to dispense with the concrete responses used to fill a void within and recognize that they know little of themself and realize that the being in the mirror is unknown.





Individual Instruments: low tom-tom, high tom-tom, snare drum, bongos, cowbell, 4 woodblocks, tam-tam

Shared Intruments: Gran Cassa, cymbals: splash, crash & sizzle



           15:00 min.

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