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El Espejo   |   The Mirror

para dos percusionistas
for two percussionists

"The Mirror" was written for two percussionists in September 2011 in Odessa, Ukraine. 

This work describes the ambiguity and bipolarity of our actions and thoughts: the human perspective is always convenient according to our deeds, and we only see what we want to see.




Individual Instruments: low tom-tom, high tom-tom, snare drum, bongos, cowbell, 4 woodblocks, tam-tam

Shared Intruments: Gran Cassa, cymbals: splash, crash & sizzle



           15:00 min.

From the very first notes, this energetic piece conveys the perpetual battle between one's inner and outer selves, an intrinsic part of the human experience. It aims to illustrate that we can perceive the life story of an individual, an atmosphere perpetually embroiled in conflict led by an ostinato motif. When this person gazes into a mirror, they embark on introspection, delving into the core of their identity. Through this self-reflection, the individual is compelled to relinquish the conventional responses that previously filled their inner void, leading them to acknowledge their limited self-knowledge. They come to realize that the entity they see in the mirror remains an enigma.

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