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Los Cinco Hermanos

The Five Brothers

marimba solo

This five-movement suite for solo marimba, composed in April 2010, explores five different aspects of the human psyche.


This work aims to employ a contemporary style to describe human traits that render us unique, yet intricate and marvelous:


I. Extrovert: cheerful, agile, light, and playful.

II. Meditative: Represents a being who enjoys silence, someone who, in deep concentration, feels comfortable contemplating and allowing themselves to be carried away by the essence of an idea.

III. Furious: represents a highly enraged individual, someone who cannot control their impulses; very agitated, frantic and violent behavior in their character.

IV. Introvert: mysterious, shy, insecure.

V. Passionate: represents being spiritually demonstrative. That is a human being who has no qualms about sharing their feelings with the world and also encourages us to share our feelings with others.




           Marimba 4.5 octaves (F2-C7)



15:30 min.

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